APLIKATIF: Journal of Research Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities 2023-02-08T00:02:45+07:00 La Ode Achmad Suherman Open Journal Systems <p>APLIKATIF: Journal of Research Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities is a biannually journal that is published in <strong>June</strong><strong>, </strong>and<strong> December</strong>. APLIKATIF seeks Review articles, Case reports and original contributions in the area of Social Science and Humanities. The Journal invites original <strong>Research Papers</strong>, <strong>Review articles</strong>, <strong>Technical or Case reports</strong> and <strong>Short communications</strong> that are not published or not being considered for publication. This journal utilizes the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. <a href="">More...</a></p> The Influence of NCT 127 Brand Ambassador on The “Click” Toothpaste Brand Image in NCTzen 2022-12-20T18:59:54+07:00 Kamila Alfiana Rahme Serafine Angelina Yudianto Eugenia Desta Riana Putri Muhamad Nastain <p style="font-weight: 400;">Toothpaste is one of the primary needs of the community, which means that the community needs its supply. As a dental health product, the type of toothpaste also has a significant influence, not only on dental health but also on fresh breath. Several companies with well-known toothpaste brands always try to promote their products in various ways. Through television and advertisements, like toothpaste "Click", whose sales are increasing due to cooperating with a K-pop music group from South Korea named NCT 127, a brand ambassador to support its sales and marketing. Therefore, this study aimed to determine whether and how much influence NCT 127 as brand ambassadors had on the brand image of the "Click" toothpaste product in the Nctzen fandom. The population in this study were followers of the Twitter account @nctzenbase, which has 752,000, while the research sample used the Slovin sampling technique with as many as 433 respondents. The instruments used in this study were brand ambassador and brand image questionnaires that researchers had modified. This type of research is quantitative research with a mixed-methods approach. The data obtained were then analyzed using SPSS software. The study results show that the brand ambassadors of NCT 127 influence the "Click" toothpaste brand image. The magnitude of the effect is 37,7% so that other factors as much as 63,3% are influenced by other variables not examined.</p> 2022-12-21T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Kamila Alfiana Rahme, Serafine Angelina Yudianto, Eugenia Desta Riana Putri, Muhamad Nastain The Proposal For Uninhabitable Housing As An Alternative For The Quality Of Life Of The Ngepanrejo Village Community 2022-12-17T13:40:52+07:00 Juan Anthonio Kambuno Tutik Wijayanti Nur Hakim <p>Housing embodies many concepts such as comfort, security, identity and most importantly, housing is of central importance to the quality of life and health of everyone, with considerable economic, social, cultural and personal significance. However, housing in Ngepanrejo Village is different, where the main housing problem at the moment is the lack of affordable accommodation for the majority of the village community, who have low incomes. Therefore, most of the housing conditions fall into the criteria for uninhabitable houses. The community in Ngepanrejo Village is struggling to uphold good quality housing in various ways, one of which is by submitting a proposal for Uninhabitable Housing. qualitative research using data collection methods in the form of secondary data. The results of this study indicate that the proposal for uninhabitable houses do make a great impact to the standard of living of the Ngepanrejo community. Through each proposals submitted every year, there are about 10 houses renovated. If this trend continues, the objective proposed by the provincial government will be achieved at a fast rate. However, most proposals are found to be mismatch to the SIMPERUM and SIKDES which is caused by human errors. This have led the village government to create a lot letter of statements just to validate that the information is correct.</p> 2022-12-21T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Juan Anthonio Kambuno, Tutik Wijayanti, Nur Hakim Qualitative Study of Interpersonal Communication on Inner Child Adolescent Awareness in Sematang Borang District, Palembang City, 2022 2022-12-21T12:57:13+07:00 Chandra Satya Bintara Didik Haryadi Santoso <p>Communication is a basic need for humans as social beings, especially teenagers in an effort to fulfill their needs. Fulfillment of communication needs on adolescent inner child awareness by using interpersonal communication. A key question arises, namely how is interpersonal communication on adolescent inner child awareness in Sematang Borang District, Palembang City in 2022? This study uses qualitative research methods with the subject of inner child adolescents. Data analysis in the research was carried out using data collection techniques by means of observation with inner child adolescent respondents in in Sematang Borang District, Palembang City through interviews. This research is qualitative using a phenomenological approach, this approach is carried out with the aim of providing a description of the existing reality.</p> 2022-12-27T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Chandra Satya Bintara, Didik Haryadi Santoso The Effect of News on Twitter Related to Sexual Harassment of Women on The Level of Anxiety of Female Students 2022-12-24T22:27:39+07:00 Feni Lestari Nur Mala Pusphita Sari Zainal Abidin Nafida Hetty Marhaeni <p>Twitter is one of the social media that is widely used by the public to find information. One of the news that is often highlighted on this platform is news related to sexual harassment. &nbsp;The purpose of this study was to determine the influence and relationship of reports of sexual harassment spread through Twitter social media on the anxiety level of female students. &nbsp;&nbsp;This research uses quantitative research methods with shortor explanatory methods. &nbsp;&nbsp;The population in this study was female students of the Communication Science Study Program, Mercu Buana University Yogyakarta class of 2021 as many as 126 female students. The data collection technique used is a questionnaire on the influence of media use and a questionnaire for meeting information needs. The data obtained were analyzed using SPSS Version 20 software. The results showed&nbsp;&nbsp; that there was no relationship or influence of sexual harassment reports spread through Twitter social media on female students' anxiety.</p> 2022-12-27T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Feni Lestari, Nur Mala Pusphita Sari, Zainal Abidin, Nafida Hetty Marhaeni The Irony of Fishermen’s Condition in Makassar City (The Tiplogy Analysis Based on Laws Number 45 Years 2009) 2022-12-28T13:16:49+07:00 Umiyati Haris <p><em>This research purposed to describe condition of fisherman in Makassar City and analyze factors that caused those fisherman are marginalized and related with the policy of laws, specifically the laws Number 45 Years 2009 about fishery. The writing techniques of this research use qualitative-descriptive with lots of data are obtained from direct interview result and observation. The interviewee determination technique using purposive sampling in three places, they are PT.Pelindo IV Makassar; Pasar Lelong; and Nelayan Village. The result of research indicates that fisherman societies in Makassar City are divided by traditional fisherman and modern fisherman. Moreover, the factor which affected traditional fisherman becomes marginalized is related with the Laws Number 45 Years 2009 and some articles are not synchronized with the reality.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Key words: Traditional Fisherman, Modern Fisherman, policy, Laws Number 45 Years 2009</em></p> 2022-12-29T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Umiyati Haris Improve The Quality of The Teacher Profession by Organizing The Teachers' Union in The Republic of Indonesia (PGRI) 2022-12-29T17:21:34+07:00 Christin Nur Aini Lailatul Mukarromah Puji Rahayu <p>The current state of education presents a problem for teachers. Therefore, educators must improve their quality in line with the times. In the field of education, a teacher's professionalism is crucial. Because pupils can develop themselves to their fullest potential with the help of experienced teachers. Therefore, raising the standard of the teaching profession is thought to be crucial. Additionally, educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training, and evaluating students is a teacher's primary responsibility. The professionalism of a teacher has a direct impact on the quality of the teacher. For pupils to be able to think critically and creatively, teachers must be able to act as facilitators. Teachers must also have the ability to act as a spark for pupils to pursue their interests and skills.</p> 2022-12-30T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Christin Nur Aini Aini, Lailatul Mukarromah, Puji Rahayu Effect of Dynamic Politics on The Sustainability of Local Democracy Legal Politics 2022-12-29T07:34:37+07:00 Rachmat Agung <p>This study aims to provide information regarding the influence of dynastic politics on democracy. This research strategy is a normative research strategy. Literature reviews, books, journals, papers, and relevant laws and regulations were utilized to collect data for this study. In a democratic nation, particularly Indonesia, dynastic politics have been prevalent for a long time and are a legacy of the New Order administration. In certain regions of Indonesia, dynasty politics have risen rapidly. It is believed that the practice of dynasty politics impedes the mobility of the people to participate in the phases of the General Election for Regional Heads. In addition, dynastic politics has the potential to corrupt monarchs or incumbents by bolstering the political authority and interests of their families and relatives. This is due to the lack of influence the community has on the electoral process. Observing the evolution of dynastic political practices, this is unquestionably a crucial highlight for every community. Consequently, the concept of checks and balances between the government and society is deemed essential for ensuring the continuation of the battle for leadership transitions.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Rachmat Agung Protection of Mafqud Rights in Inheritance Without Court Determination According to Islamic Law 2023-01-02T13:54:17+07:00 Muh. Taufik LaOde <div><em><span lang="IN">The community in one of the villages in Muna Regency faces a complex inheritance dilemma, and this is not an exception. People with little legal understanding about inheritance often ignore pre-existing legal rules or conventions, such as mafqud inheritance or someone whose news is stopped, making life and death questionable. In accordance with Islamic law, a court order is required before an heir's inheritance can be distributed. The issue that exists in the community of Lakologou village is the lack of knowledge of legal requirements surrounding the role of mafqud heirs in the distribution of inheritance. According to information gathered from a number of sources, the judge's judgment will have an significant impact on the mafqud's situation in that it will subsequently offer legal certainty over whether he is still alive or otherwise. These indicators support legal actions that can be done to protect the mafqud rights, including voluntarily submitting an application to the Religious Courts as a means of protecting mafqud rights in succession.</span></em></div> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Muh. Taufik LaOde Discovery Learning Method in Improving Learning Outcomes of Islamic Religious Education (A Study at SMKN 1 Baubau) 2023-01-13T17:58:18+07:00 Wa Darma <p>This research aims to improve student learning outcomes in the material Modeling the Struggle of the Prophet's Da'wah in Mecca through the Discovery Learning method in class X BDP 3 SMKN 1 Baubau for the 2022 academic year.This type of research is classroom action research conducted in class at SMKN 1 Baubau in the odd semester of the 2022/2023 academic year with a total of 38 students. The factors examined in this study were (1) learning outcomes factors, (2) teacher factors, and (3) student factors. This research was carried out in 2 cycles with implementation procedures (1) planning, (2) implementing actions, (3) observation, and (4) analysis and reflection. The research data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The indicators of the success of this research are (1) in terms of process, that is, actions are categorized as successful if at least 85% of the learning scenarios are carried out well, and (2) in terms of results, that is, an action is categorized as successful if at least 85% of students have obtained a score of ≥ 70 in accordance with the KKM for Islamic Education and Moral Education for class X BDP 3 SMKN 1 Baubau for the 2022/2023 academic year. The results of this study indicate that the application of Discovery Learning learning can improve student learning outcomes in class X BDP 3 SMKN 1 Baubau for the 2022/2023 academic year. It is seen thatbefore implementing the action of student learning outcomes with an average classical percentage of 65% increases to 76% in the implementation of Cycle I actions, and increases again to 86% in Cycle II.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Wa Darma The Effect of Job Placement and Compensation on Employee Satisfaction of PDAM Bau-Bau 2023-02-08T00:02:45+07:00 Dwi Agustyawati Wa Ode Al Zarliani Hasni Husna Katjinah <p>This study aims to determine whether job placement and compensation affect employee satisfaction of PDAM Baubau. The data collection method used is descriptive quantitative with an analytical tool for testing against hypotheses is the t (t-Partial) test. The study was conducted on 54 respondents from 120 employees of PDAM Baubau. Based on the results of the study, it is proven that job placement has a positive and significant effect on employee satisfaction of PDAM Baubau and compensation has a positive and significant effect on employee satisfaction of PDAM Baubau</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Dwi Agustyawati, Wa Ode Al Zarliani, Hasni, Husna Katjinah Bahasa Bugis: Inflectional Morphology in the Verb 2023-02-04T13:29:34+07:00 Nurhadi Hamka Ahmad Rivani Talaohu La Ode Achmad Suherman <p>In this paper, I discuss some morphological processes of inflection in Bahasa Bugis particularly verb, in order to scrutinize some problems that appear in the analysis under a morphemic framework. To have a better understanding towards the analysis of the inflectional case, I will employ an approach of Paradigm Function Morphology by Stump (2001). As a result, inflectional occur depends on the aspect and the person. There are three main aspects found; durative, perfective, and conditional. Of which, durative has four subcategories; durative (repeated), durative (feature &amp; repeated), durative (similar), and durative (repeated &amp; similar). Moreover, perfective aspect is also found to have one subcategory called perfective (past &amp; similar). On the other hand, an interesting phenomenon found in person where the second person differentiated by the pragmatic meaning; more polite and less polite. Finally, through PFM, we can capture the mappings, block by block, show how morphosyntactic features are realized by the exponents in the language.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Nurhadi Hamka, Ahmad Rivani Talaohu, La Ode Achmad Suherman