Focus and Scope

APLIKATIF: Journal of Research Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities  is a journal that uses a double-blind peer review model that can be accessed online. The purpose of APLIKATIF is to publish a journal containing quality articles that will be able to contribute thoughts from a theoretical and empirical perspective in society and humanities at a regional, national, and global scale.

The writings at APLIKATIF will significantly contribute to critical thinking in the area of society and humanities. The journal welcomes papers that discuss the following themes: community studies, education, language, culture, studies, business, communications, finance, management, accounting, sociology, hospitality, tourism, human resources, psychology and other relevant social sciences.

Articles published on research results and literature review with acceptable research methodologies, qualitative studies, quantitative studies, or a combination of both, statistical analysis, case studies, field research, and historical studies. APLIKATIF received manuscripts from various related circles, such as relevant researchers, professors, students, policy-makers, scientists, and others.