Bibliometric Analysis of Climate Change Articles on SCI Journal


  • Thu Minh Nguyen Vietnam Institute of Meteorology Hydrology and Climate change



Climate Change, Bibliometric, Spatial Distribution, Environment


This research used Bibliometric and spatial distribution to describe science research productivities of climate change articles on SCI during 2007-2018. Of 25278 articles on climate change field, total research publication and Article form is increasing from 2007 to 2018; gains 3325 articles of total scientific production; 2800 articles of Article form in 2018 year. Moreover, the Article form is the highest research production as well with 19917 articles (1st ranking). The USA has the highest publication in all the article types and total research productivity (23286 articles with 1st ranking) including 5369 independent articles (23.06%) and 17917 collaborative articles (76.94%). CLIMATIC CHANGE journal has the most research output with 1105 articles (4.37%) and 1st ranking. Vietnam is ranked 45th with 159 articles (0.63%) including 33 independent articles (50th ranking, 20.8%) and 126 collaborative articles (44th ranking, 79.2%). Further, research productivity is also revealed all the countries with different research productivity quantities on the world map as USA, Canada, Europe community, and some Asia countries has high publication. Particular, Independent publication is showed from small red round dot to big one, and cooperative publication is performed in different colors, in which USA has the most publication in dark blue and big red dot. Therefore, this paper revealed science growth, research publishing trend, and spatial distribution of  countries on climate change articles, and it also provides knowledge as well as more understanding about climate change field.


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Nguyen, T. M. (2022). Bibliometric Analysis of Climate Change Articles on SCI Journal. Journal of Environmental Issues and Climate Change, 1(1), 18–24.
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